About Us

What is Binary Deli?

Founded by Heroine4Life, Rex, and Big Buddha in 2001, Binary Deli is a collection of Internet misfits who come together to talk, laugh, and game.  In 2007, Binary Deli made its debut on the competitive scene in Dystopia, and for a number of years, the Binary Deli server was the most consistently populated and well-known Dystopia server in the world.  [bd] also pioneered "Drunktopia," the Dystopia drinking game.  Following the slow decline of Dystopia, [bd] remained together, our bonds with each other not limited to a single game.  The members may change, but Binary Deli remains.   Jack in, Eat out.  

What does [bd] play?

Everything.  Within our community, you can find people who play League of Legends, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, Killing Floor, Warcraft III, Civilization V, and almost anything else.  If you want to play it, you can probably find someone to play it with you.  Currently, we operate a League of Legends team, the Symphony of Fail.  We also pass around succession forts in Dwarf Fortress, build and conquer worlds in Civilization, and shoot zombies in the head in Killing Floor, SWAT: Aftermath, and DayZ.

Where can I find you guys?

Join us on Discord!  Hang out, play some games, have fun.


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